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Yamaha PCB Pick and Place Machine Basic Refueling Process
Yamaha PCB Pick and Place Machine Basic Refueling Process
ETA provides high-speed modular Yamaha pick and place machine, Yamaha LED chip mounter, Yamaha PCB pick and place machine, suitable for high-efficiency SMT production line.
During the production process of Yamaha pick and place machine, there will definitely be the problem of refueling in the middle of production. If there is no strict refueling standard process for SMT placement machine, it is likely to cause the problem of wrong materials, which will be a fatal defect. Cause fatal errors in batches of finished products. ETA is here to share with you the detailed SMT mounting machine basic refueling process.
PCB pick and place machine
1. The feeder is out of order, the machine alarms, and the operator cancels the alarm according to the machine prompt;
2. SMT operators patrol to find out the stations that need to receive materials;
3. Take out the Fedder that is short of material, and remove the used material pan;
4. The SMD placement machine operator picks up the material from the corresponding station on the material rack according to the station position;
5. The operator will check the removed material with the station number table to check whether the specifications and models are exactly the same. If there is any abnormality, please retake the material;
6. The operator checks the new material pan with the old material pan to check whether the specifications and models of the two material pans are exactly the same;
7. The operator checks whether the material description on the SMT placement machine is consistent with the material tray;
8. If there is any abnormality in the above check, the SMT placement machine operator should immediately notify the pull and stretch processing;
9. Cut the material on the new and old trays flat, take samples from the new tray, and butt the materials on the new and old trays;
10. Take a material that has just been installed with Feida and paste it on the refueling record form, and fill in the refueling time, operator and other relevant information;
11. Install the feeder back to the PCB chip mounter according to the SMT placement machine position; you must change the material once and fill in the material change record (including bulk materials);
12. The operator of the SMT placement machine informs IPCQC to check the material and test, and the material must be changed and checked once;
13. IPQC checks whether the materials are correct according to the station number table and whether the station position is correct;
14. After the above SMT pick and place machine refueling work is checked, the production can only be continued.
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